Ka24e cam gear torque specs

ka24e cam gear torque specs Is there a torque spec listing on this forum? If so does anyone have the link for it? Thanks Buick GS Tech tips and info. 3/8 in. This movement will increase or decrease the amount of backlash. lbs 2nd - 58ft. Rods length in 1UZFE is 146 mm. The engine has a hydraulic timing chain tensioner and oil jet to lubricate the chain. 795 (0. 50 foot pounds 60-65 foot pounds 16-18 foot pounds 23-27 foot pounds 30-45 foot pounds 45-55 foot pounds 55-65 foot pounds 25-30 foot pounds 15-20 foot pounds 32-40 inch pounds 17-22 foot pounds 12-18 foot pounds 70 foot pounds 30-40 foot pounds 27-32 foot pounds 35-40 foot pounds 25-40 foot pounds 25-40 foot pounds Timing marks rely on the tool used to hold the sprockets as they are not set inline but offset by a small amount. 0 HO (302) Head Torque Specs. Timing Belt cover - 7. Timing gear pulley camshaft: Torque to 30 Nm I have 2 KA24E engines myself for the driftcar (240SX S13) one we have dismantled in pieces and the other sits in the car currently bone stock. CAMSHAFT - Oil Clearance 0. 70 . If its within the specs, clean the plasi-gauge marks off lube the rod bearings and assymble to spec. 268 (low) 1. . 38 Refer to your service manual for locations of serial stamp locations and for complete specifications of your year and model motorcycle. Outer Main Cap Bolt. Water Pump to Cover: Engine Oil: 10 ft-lbs. specs needed- -flywheel bolts -clutch bolts -main pully bolt -cam bolt asap. Intake manifold bolts 23-25 ft. -lbs. Torque Specifications: - Cam gear attaching bolt: Please refer to your Honda Factory Service Manual for the correct procedure. Clutch Cover Cap Screw 6865-1 . Joined Sep 3, 2002. 0. outer main cap bolt 40 ft. ’ This cam will directly affect the stall in the torque converter by its duration and lobe separation. 6i in New Zealand Air Cooled VW Engine Torque specifications. . Always use a 26 m. Download Full PDF Package. For best engine performance, builders use a degree wheel to dial in this measurement. Hey all, doing a timing belt and swapped the camseals so i had to take the cam gears off. AM The Nissan KA24E engine has SOHC (single overhead camshaft) design  Rotate the engine until the timing marks on the sprockets are positioned. IE it looks OK in either position. 6) The 20-30 lb. Torque the cam sprocket bolts to. Catalytic converter against the turbocharger: Torque to 24 Nm. 4L60-E Transmission Torque Specs. single slammer. Operating RPM General New Max. Most manufacturers will list the exact specifications for each cam on the cam card. 202-4309: Nissan 3. M 8 . lbs. 70 . The cam vendor's recommendations are usually best, but retarding the cam a degree or two will generall shift the torque curve higher up in the RPM range. Adjustable Cam Gear . 70-75 lb. Marks 3 and 4 are the timing marks with the engine at #1 TDC. Camshaft Nut Flywheel Nut . Join our Rewards Program & save! Using a 17mm socket (intake) or 14mm socket (exhaust) and adjustable wrench, remove the cam gear from the camshaft. 448 109 119 1000-5000 smooth 969 b comment: good mileage. Mark the chain with white out, or s paint pin, so you can see of the chain jumps when you are torquing down the cam gears. connecting rod bolt 38-44 ft. AC idler pulley 33 ft lbs. 5. You must not turn the cam either. the bolts that hold the cam gears are 75 foot pounds, and the bearing caps are 8. Valley Pan Bolts: Engine Oil: 15 ft-lbs. Fastener Type. 0045 inch). Installation notes (if any) Link to information verifying specs or link to store to order cam ----- KA24E cams Price current as of 10/31/2004 Additional info at: https://www. 2 - 43. Joined Dec 13, 2003. 5 CR. sprocket is fully seated against the cam before torquing the bolt tight. Install and torque-tighten the three bolts to 25 Nm (19 ft-lb). Try to keep track of where the timing cover bolts come out during removal. -lbs. -lbs. 8 64. lbs. The engine was originally used only in Dodge’s pickup truck line, but it was quickly adapted for use in a number of passenger vehicles and SUVs. The cam decopressor bolt is 18ft/lbs. Shop tuner parts, Japanese performance parts & more. What i need to know is what the torque specs are for the camshaft bolts. (Torque Specifications). If you use aftermarket performance bolts like ARP's, you should follow the recommended torque specifications. If you're not using our specs and our lube, you have no real idea what pre-load you're getting. 99 Count back 20 rollers, and install the intake cam gear. Torque Value: 1. 5mm pistons, Nismo R4 Street Cam, Nismo Adjustable Cam gear, ARP Head Studs, ported and polished cylinder headECU and Engine Management: custom tuned Stanza ECU (socketed and chipped), Consult board add-on, Moates AERA Torque Specs 500 Coventry Lane, Suite 180, Crystal Lake, IL 60014 Toll-free Technical Hotline: 1-888-324-2372 (1-88-TECH-AERA) 815-526-7600 fax 815-526-7601 seated against the cam before torquing the bolt tight. Mar 18, 2016 · KA24E: Displacement (cc): 2,389cc: Bore & Stroke (mm): 89mm x 96mm: Peak Horsepower (@ RPM): 140 bhp @ 5,600 RPM: Peak Torque (@ RPM): 152 lb-ft @ 4,400 RPM: Pistons/Compression Ratio: 9. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. 035 mm mm MIN MAX 1. Torque: 100 lb·ft (13. Torque Lb. READ PAPER. Adjustable Cam Sprocket fits Nissan KA24E, Sliding Type, Increases horsepower and torque, ideal for heavily modified engines, made with high quality 6061-T6 billit aluminum, CNC-machined geavy-duity for precision and light weight, quick & accurate adjustments, simple bolt-on modification, anodized to provide corrosion and wear resistance, gear material is steel, Nov 16, 2004 · I figured I'd go ahead and post it here to help out everyone who's always asking about cam specs. Jan 25, 2005 · CAM Torque Specs? Posted by JessesTalon, Jan 25, 2005. 466 Transfer Case Gear Ratio-----2. It has by two intake runners for each cylinder, specially designed to increase torque. 002 0. 11/32 in. ) Bearing Cap Torque (Foot Lbs. 2L-258ci-S6 Engine Torque Specs. Piston cooling valve – piston cooling oil duct: Torque to 45 Nm. Jan 12, 2017 · If necessary you can use the punch to rotate the cam a little. Cam bolts 40-45 ft. 5:1 89. Description . CKF sensor mounting bolts - 8 ftlbs Distributer hold down bolts - 17 ftlbs Install the bearings into the rod, lay out the plasti-gauge and torque the cap on. 9. ) Balance shaft carrier cover bolts: Camshaft sprocket bolt: 101 N-m (75 ft. 5 lb ft in the sequence shown. Clamshell: 20-30: 8-12: 6-10 Specifications. 9 62. Crank center bolt, 87-116 ft lbs. 2. 65 ft. 1 and 7 camshaft caps, the outboard bolt on No. Torque the guide bolts to 14-16 ft-lbs. Mar 17, 2021 · Camshaft timing gear assembly x Camshaft. 3L With Screw-In Studs Rocker Stud 35 (47) Rocker Nut 19 (26) 5. com offers the lowest prices for genuine 1990 Nissan Hardbody Pickup (D21) parts. m) Balance Shaft Retainer Plate Bolts (4. -lbs. 29. 8 64. Format: Cam name / part number . The backlash should be 0. Fitting an adjustable Camshaft gear lets you fine tune the timing. Jim Swantko · Premium Member. 80 in. Classic Digital Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge ; Classic Digital Boost Pressure Gauges -30 ~35PSI / -30 ~ 50PSI ; Classic Digital Oil Pressure Gauges 0 ~ 100PSI / 0 ~ 150PSI 17. lbs. Converter Housing to Case Screw 48-55 lb ft. 8l) 1990-94 189 c. *lbf. martin-industries. . then do it again at final torque 5-8lb ft. Comments from manufacturer / retailer / forum . lbs then loosen all bolts completely. i. Oil pump bolt 23-28 ft. ft. Compiled a list of torque specs a while ago, to print and put in my garage so I don't have to go thru my manual with greasy hands Tekxtc typed the list out in the following post as Ram's web server threw the original list away. Install the new drivers side guide. 1l) mc1784 hyd 2 204 214 278 288 . V. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Gear Torque Value. 5. K-Series–Single Cylinder Engine Specifications & Tolerances All dimensions in inches. Camshaft sensor: Torque to 10 Nm Camshaft cover: Torque to 10 Nm. 35. 10. Compare them and make your own decision as to which to use. that is on the 2g non turbo motor. 40. 136 n•m [ 100 ft-lb ] 2. 3-16. For complete engine torque specs, we offer the factory service manuals on the Literature & Manuals Page . 4L 4-cylinder Head Stud Kit. 001 0. Liquid Gasket Application Procedure 1. outer main cap bolt 65 ft. 35 ft. KMOD DIY Budget "VTEC Killer" Rocker Arms (Grinding Required) From $ 74. -lbs. Rocker arms 17-23 ft. Check that your original chain marks still align with the dots on the sprockets and the lobes still point away from   18 Aug 2010 Its a 1989 its got the single cam KA24E in it and well i took the head off 2 clean it and lube it up cuz im builting a stock motor for it and was  If anybody has pictures of the bolt locations of the timing cover, I would love Anyway, I noticed the tensioner bolts have a torque spec they're  6 Jul 2019 Torque specs for brackets on timing cover Hardbody Forum (D21) Vehicle: 1991 Nissan D21 King Cab, KA24E, 2WD, Manual Same, I think I only used a torque wrench for the crankshaft pulley bolt and the camshaft pulley&n Cylinder Head Bolt Torque M11 BOLTS:29,43 FT/LBS, + 180°CAM CAPS 1986-87:85#, 1988:100 FT/LBS CAM BOLTS 40-50 FT/LBS, WEIGHT TOTAL KA24E. Feb 16, 2017 · Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor to Engine Front Cover Retaining Bolt 9Y 80lbin Camshaft Retainer to Engine Block Retaining Bolt 25Y 18lbft Camshaft Sprocket to Camshaft Retaining Bolt (L98, LS3, L76, L77) • First Pass 75Y 55lbft • Second Pass +50Degrees Close Out Cover to Engine Block Retaining Bolt Left 10Y 89lbin GM 7. KMOD Stage 1 K24 Crate Engine- 220-230whp. What I need are the Cam timing specs so I can put my degree wheel on it to make sure. 6875 ft. SmallBlock LA Engine – 273, 318, 340, 360 Torque specifications are for stock factory type bolts with light engine oil applied to the threads and the underside of the bolt head. 5. Torque in steps: 22ft-lbs (264in-lbs), Then to 63ft-lbs (756in-lbs) (final spec) 94+ Teg Torque in steps: 22ft-lbs (264in-lbs), Then to 61ft-lbs (732in-lbs)(final spec) 90-93 Teg / B16’s. Timing gear casing, upper cover plug: Torque to 10 Nm Timing gear casing, lower cover plug: Torque to 12 Nm AMC 4. 4 DIT Engine Torque Specifications Values are in foot pounds, Ft Lbs, Main Crankshaft Bearing Cap Bolts 72 - 80 Flywheel Bolts ( for crankshaft with 6 flywheel bolts and 2 dowel pins ) 57. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. The 3 head cover bolts are 7ft/lbs. 50-55 lb. improvement), you need to increase the overlap. End Play Camshaft End Play Rod to Crankpin (New) Rod to Crankpin Wear Limit Rod My haynes manual says the camshaft sprocket bolt is supposed to be torqued to 123-131 foot-lbs. Feb 03, 2016 · The cylinder block 1UZ-FE aluminum 90° V8, with pressed thin cast-iron sleeves. 3L) 106 (12) Install the cam sensor wheel on the camshaft drive gear. Front Axle are shipped directly from authorized Nissan dealers and backed by the manufacturer's warranty. Adjustable gears come in a few basic Mopar Small Block Bolt Torque Specifications. 1 12 8-10 SUBJECT DATE Air Compressor Drive Gear Nut Torque December 2010 Additions, Revisions, or Updates Publication Number / Title Platform Section Title Change DDC-SVC-MAN-0080 DD Specifications Information about the air compressor drive gear nut torque is added to this procedure. 66 in. Torque output: 209 Nm (154 lb·ft) at 3,600 rpm 206 Nm (152 lb·ft) at 4,400 rpm 208 Nm (153 lb·ft) at 4,000 rpm 208 Nm (153 lb·ft) at 3,600 rpm 217 Nm (160 lb·ft) at 4,400 rpm: Redline: 6,000 (KA24E) 6,500 (KA24E) 6,100 (KA24DE) 6,400 (KA24DE) 6,900 (KA24DE) HP per liter: 56. 443 107 117 1500-4000 smooth 2095 b comment: good low end torque and pulling power. Tighten the camshaft timing gear set bolt temporarily. 2nd - 54-61ft. Timing chain cover plate x Timing chain or belt cover sub-assembly. Component Specific Torque Specifications Table 2. Screw socket . 563″ exhaust . J. 7-liter HEMI’s bolt torque specifications must be followed closely. Cam Sprocket/Timing Gear (upper) Thread Locker: 45 ft-lbs. Advancing the cam will (usually) lower the power curve a few RPM. thanks. Sep 23, 2006 · Torque Specs Application: Method: Torque: Increment: Lubrication: Cylinder Head to Block (with Grease Under Head of Bolt) Bolt: 95 lb/ft *NOTE 1 25 lb/ft: Oil: Main Caps 1-4 to Block Ford Small-Block Rebuild: Torque Specs, Sequences, and Alignment - Covers 221, 260, 289, 302, Boss 302, 351W, 351C, 351M, and 400M Small Block Ford Engines. To seat the cover, torque the three inside camshaft gear cover bolts to 10 N·m (7 ft·lb). General. 9 : Fuel type: Gasoline: Weight, kg (lbs) 167 (370) Nissan Motorsports Hot Race Camshaft for KA24E – 288deg . 0L & 4. Apr 29, 2017 · Gear Cover Screws, Chain Cover Screws, and Oil Pump: 100 in-lbs / 11. Then you are working on a KA24E. 1,020. Examine the front marks and numbers and tighten the bolts in the order shown in the illustration. Aug 31, 2018 · The USDM 240SX came equipped with a naturally aspirated single-cam KA24E or dual-cam KA24DE, engines that did not benefit from as much support from the aftermarket at the time. The intake manifold is made from aluminum alloy. (N. 114 mm (0. Camshaft bearing cap location, identification and torque sequence-2. 548. 2nd - 54-61ft. You do this by tightening the lobe separation angle (LSA) between the intake cam's and exhaust cam's lobe centers with your aftermarket adjustable cam gears . Smooth idle, broad torque (2200–5600 RPM) 9. is that what year u have. An 89 mm (3. 5 . Bore × Stroke: 89 mm × 96 mm (3. Power Steering pump bolts - 17 ftlbs. Water drain plug radiator . Oil hose to screw socket on upper section of crankcase . 4L) Rocker Arm 4. if not go buy the chilton manual for the torque specs. 0 cam bolt torque as 18 ft lbs . Wear Limit Shaft O. 7726 1. 136 n•m [ 100 ft-lb ] 2. 2″ Rear FJ Cruiser / ’10+ 4R: 14-17: 5-6: 6-10: 70: 70: 8. The firing order for the Toyota 1UZ engines is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. inner main cap bolt 70 ft. 216848 48N 13/29 98 222 257. This paper. 50 in × 3. Cam gear bolt, 87-116 ft lbs. 0L & 5. 138) TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS Cylinder Head Nuts Connecting Rod Studs Main Bearing Cap Screws . 9: Fuel type: Gasoline: Weight, kg (lbs) 167 (370) KA24E Bore × Stroke: 89 mm × 96 mm (3. (Mind you, the same Helms manual also quotes GTO LS2 oil capacity as : 5 quarts without filter change, 5. chevrolet v6 1980-89 173 c. very strong torque. 7 liters. ft. Cranking Nut . 68. Rear Bearing. Download PDF. Tighten the injector camshaft non-scissor gear retaining capscrew. don't over torque these as you can break the bolts easily or worse strip the head, and follow the factory service manual torque procedure as you have to tighten then from the end caps and work your way inwards starting at 2-3 lb-ft . KA24DE Performance Specs This engine has reasonable power numbers for a naturally aspirated option of this displacement, but certainly nothing overwhelming in its stock condition. 0-liter monster of the 1960s and early-1970s to 5. Engine May 01, 2010 · The proper torque is 27-30 ft lbs. ) LLY Aftermarket Fastener Torque Specs. Home. Torque: 54 N·m (551 kgf·cm, 40 ft·lbf) Check that the camshaft timing gear can move to the retarded angle side (to the right direction) and is locked at the extrene retard angleed position. Clamshell: 9-14: 5-6: 4-8: 70: 70: 8. . 002 0. MANUFACTURING TOLERANCES. 70 ft. SoCal Diesel LLY Billet Injector Clamps 32 lb ft. 1 58. Whether you have a SOHC or DOHC SN95 or New Edge, you can use these specs to get just about everything tightened down to the factory specs. 004 ALL ENGINES End Play 0. Cooler Pipe Connector 26-30 lb ft. Set the engine to TDC compression or exhaust stroke using the timing mark, either one but once set, it must not be turned till the head goes back on. 7001 Torque Specifications. or 1” wrench on the cam hex to back up your torque wrench (never use the chain for resistance)! Torque the cam sprocket bolts to 123 to 130 ft-lb. lbs. 4 wheel drive, on the driver side the strut rod from the tranny to the motor mount will hit. 123 to 130 ft-lb. Mark the chain with white out, or s paint pin, so you can see of the chain jumps when you are torquing down the cam gears. 3/8 in. 0085 ± 0. 962 76 Anyway when following the book to time the motor it seems that there could be an easy mix-up of one tooth on the right bank cam. 00 VALVES Engine All Engines Journal Diameter 1. o The cam gear attaching bolt should be attached using a low strength bolt locking agent. Parts like . Count back 20 rollers, and install the intake cam gear. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model Mar 20, 2012 · Cam Cap Bolts: 1. 356. Torque Specs for Small Block Chevy Engines Part Bolt Size Minimum Maximum Camshaft Sprocket 5/16"-18 15 ft. 550″ intake – 292deg . Max. By HRH, September 22, 2011 in General Technical. In. 20. Converter Cover Bolt 89 lb in. lock-18 Differential carrier x Bearing cap-63 Differential case x Ring gear-71 Adjusting nut lock nut x Bearing cap-9 Differential RH case x Differential LH case-35 Differential carrier x Diff. 202-4308: 1990 SOHC KA24E Fastback:Engine & Exhaust: K&N Filtercharger, Complete MSD 6AL igniton system with Blaster Coil and Tach Adapter, Pacesetter Header, Hi Flo Cat, JE forged 10. Camshaft timing gear or sprocket x Camshaft. Be right back. Lbs. STEP 3: Remove STEP 2: Install camshaft gear (and eccentric if used) and tighten cam bolt and washer hand tight. 30. connecting rod bolt 40-45 ft. NissanPartsDeal. 002 Valve Lash 0. CAUTION: Always reinstall timing chains so that they maintain the same direction of rotation. KA24E Torque specs - Nissan Forum May 11, 2009 · Hey I am putting a timing chain kit in my 94 4WD nissan truck (KA24E engine) I cannot find the torque specs for the cam gear bolt or the crank bolt in ka24e flywheel bolts torque specs. 3/8 in. The 2 bolts on the outside of the head and the 1 on the outside of the cylinder are just to be tightened down good and snug. 1 58. 76. Remove the Camshaft Phaser Lock (5). lock-54----w/ Diff. 20. 7 psi (3000rmp) Transmission 5-Speed Clutch-----Dry, single disc, diaphragm spring Gear Ratio 1st-----3. 74. 1:1: Block Material: Iron: Head Material: Aluminum: Valves / Springs / Retainers: 12 Valves, Rocker Arm Valvetrain: Throttle Body: Single: Fuel Injectors: Jun 14, 2009 · TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS (7. 023 45. 1. -lbs. Install camshaft timing gear assy 15. Aug 16, 2016 · Torque output: 209 Nm (154 lb·ft) at 3,600 rpm 206 Nm (152 lb·ft) at 4,400 rpm 208 Nm (153 lb·ft) at 4,000 rpm 208 Nm (153 lb·ft) at 3,600 rpm 217 Nm (160 lb·ft) at 4,400 rpm: Redline: 6,000 (KA24E) 6,500 (KA24E) 6,100 (KA24DE) 6,400 (KA24DE) 6,900 (KA24DE) HP per liter: 56. 550″ intake 292deg . net/ Sep 21, 2016 · Cam thrust plate= 16 ft/lbs Cam bolt= 173 ft/lbs Valley cover= 15 ft/lbs Harmonic balancer= 74 ft/lbs then 105 degrees Torque specs. You want torque to hand off smoothly to horsepower at wide-open throttle. Torque Specifications. Andrew Tutica. Torque-----76 ft-lbs @ 3500rmp Mileage City / Highway-----23 / 25 MPG Oil Pressure-----42. Ft. 216 ± 0. lbs. 153 High-lift Broad tip cams for baggers with stock engines. 99 $ 99. KA24E 2. These specs would tell crank position at a given valve lift for each valve. To adjust cam timing, follow the procedure below: a. oh wait, i just remembered i have a factory svc manual downloaded! ill post them up in a sec for archiving Engine, Torque Wrench settings, Connecting rod nut, Crankcase screws M8 halves, Crankcase nuts M12 halves, Cylinder head nuts M10, Cylinder head nuts M8, Rocker shaft to Cylinder head nuts, Oil Pump to crankcase nut, Oil drain plug, Oil strainer cover May 13, 2020 · Lightly tap the stub shaft with a soft mallet to move the gear segment tool closer or further away to the cam gear as necessary. 2L Engine : Driveline: All Engines : Brakes Torque: 13 nvm (133 Kgf·cm, 10 ft·lbf) Put the camshaft no. 298 Nm Cat C3. 75″ (9″) Front Rev. Torque for both actuator bolts is 37 lb ft + 150 + 15 Images (Click to enlarge) Re: torque specs for 22r heead bolts and cam? « Reply #3 on: Feb 27, 2007, 09:04:08 PM » thats the head bolt specs right do u know the cam gear specs by any chance Chassis Torque Specs Wheel Hub Assembly to Knuckle Bolts 133 lb ft Lower Ball Joint Nut 74 lb ft Upper Ball Joint Nut 37 lb ft Tie Rod End 46 lb ft Brake Caliper Bolts 80 lb ft Brake Caliper Bracket Bolts (to knuckle) 221 lb ft Lug Nuts 140 lb ft ABS Sensor Mounting Bolt 13 lb ft 18 N m Axle Nut 177 lb ft 240 N m Brake Hose Clip 106 lb in 12 N m cam plate bolts- 110 INCH pounds cam gear bolt- 35 FOOT lbs crank gear bolt- 25 Foot lbs nose cone bolts- 130 INCH pounds These are the specs I use and have had no problems, you should have the proper order but with some common sense working from the middle outward you should be fine, I assume you know about the oil pump alignment, those bolts are the same torque as the cam plate in a criss Axle Nut - 132 ft lbs Beginning Torque, Then Rotate 5 to 10 ~ Times With a Final Torque of 263 ft lbs Track Bar to Frame (2500/3500 4x4) -----200 ft lbs Track Bar to Axle (2500/3500 4x4) -----200 ft lbs I Do not use a torque value for final tightening. 74. DDC-SVC-MAN-0081 41. Component Specific Torque Specifications Size Fastener Torque Value Models Affected (Non-standard, see In-Lbs Ft-Lbs General Torque Specification) CRANKCASE. 60-80 lb. At less than 80 foot-lbs(the max my 3/8 drive torque wrench goes), i stripped out the hole. 0 to 9. Hi! i hope this will help you. 21685454N 16/42103 238273. M 10 . Timing Cover to Block: Engine Oil: 35 ft-lbs. and in a later drawing definately shows a 3 bolt cam core. SPECIFICATIONS . Now block the tensioner from falling out. However, you won’t get there smoothly with a single-plane intake manifold. Torque Tech . 25 Nm (19 ft-lb) 35 Install the vibration damper and torque-tighten bolts to 50 ± 5 Nm (37 ± 4 ft-lb). -lbs. However, the valve and injector spring pressures will not allow correct camshaft rotation. 925 . 987 81. 8 Nm) @ 3500 rpm, chrome duals exhaust Bore - 3. HRH 3,412 Adjustable Cam Sprocket Nissan KA24E | Martin Industries. Outer Main Cap Bolt. Type 1 – 3 Part —- ft-lb — size (dia x pitch) Connecting rod nut – 24 – m 9×1 Connecting rod capscrew – 32 – m 9×1 Crankcase nut – 14 – m 8 Crankcase nut – 25 – m 12×1. Retainer plate bolts 13 Aug 2005 head and if anyone has any good places to find the torque specs and bolt pattern for the head bolts? thanks all and BRING JORDAN BACK! 18 Oct 2000 i have two different specs for timing the cam sproket bolt, my haynes book says 40foot pounds and my how to rebuild your datsun engine book  The KA engines were a series of four-stroke inline-four gasoline piston engines manufactured The KA24E was a SOHC 12-valve engine produced from July 1988 through wheelchair conversions post 1991); 1990–1992 Nissan Stanza ( USA-spe . High Energy/Marine™, 268H: Cam & Lifters $196. Aug 13, 2008 · Cam nuts torque specs? « Reply #9 on: August 18, 2008, 05:17:58 am » Jesus my cam and crank nuts i tighten until i think to my self (ok no more or else bad things will happen) which is way more than 34 ft/lbs according to my torque wrench. m. 78 in) Max power: 134 hp (100 kW) at 5600 rpm (Navara/Hardbody(D21) 134 hp (100 kW) at 5200 rpm) Max torque: 206 N⋅m (152 lb⋅ft) at 4400 rpm (Navara/Hardbody(D21) 209 N⋅m (154 lb⋅ft) at 3600 rpm) Valve Configuration: SOHC, 12 valves Cam Shft pulley bolts - 27 ftlbs. 7730 in in Connecting Rod (001-014) Connecting Rod Crank Bore Diameter (Bearings Removed) 80. 25-28 Nut, Crankcase Flange 100-125 8. Final torque is in 2 steps: 1st- 22ft. Other lubrications offer reduced friction and increased bolt tension, and will affect the torque figure. Model (Horsepower) K91 (4) K161 (7) K181 (8) K241 (10) K301 (12) K321 (14) K341 (16) Bore x Stroke Displacement Cu. 7L 18 (25) Water Pump Bolt 33 (45) INCH Lbs. I, Small Block Chevy. Slightly loosen the (4) M6 retaining bolts around the center of the cam sprocket. Oct 12, 2020 · This 4. Cylinder head bolts 90-100 ft. 9 foot pounds. ) i hope this will help you. Accumulator Cover to Case Bolt 6-10 lb ft. Cam thrust plate bolts 8-10 ft. Remove the cap and measure the mark just as before. drive gear) mc1731 hyd 1 194 204 270 280 . Nissan put the KA24E and KA24DE in a variety of different products through their life cycles. lbs. m) A/C Compressor Bolt 37 (50) Bypass Pipe Bolt 15 (21) Camshaft Gear Bolt 173 (234) Camshaft Thrust Plate Bolt 16 (22) Connecting Rod Cap Bolt (Angular Tightening Method) 1st Step 47 (64) 2nd Step Tighten Additional 30° This bolt is usually hidden in a puddle of oil. Also put a zip tie or 2 on the gears to hold the chain. 926 Stem-to-Guide Clearance 0. 2 has a range of 10Nm to 60Nm (88–530 Inch Pounds). Hydraulic lifters are absent so 1UZ needs periodic adjustment of valves. Reinstall the upper chain rail. Camshaft housing to cylinder head . lbs ( if angle torquing in 2nd step, turn all bolts 80 to 85 degrees clockwise with an angle torque wrench. 947 3rd-----1. Joined Feb 23, 2001 · 4,417 Posts . 865 after 1988. Also the washer that is on the bolt needs to be chamfer down which confuses me because my washer looks like any average washer without Camshaft bearing bridges to cylinder head . 409 (high) Axles Cam Cover to Ground Cable Bolt 10 N·m 89 lb in Cam Cover to Ground Cable Stud 10 N·m 89 lb in Cam Sensor Bolt 8 N·m 71 lb in Camshaft Position Sensor Housing Stud 22 N·m 16 lb ft Camshaft Bearing Cap Bolt 10 N·m 89 lb in Camshaft Sprocket Bolt •First Pass 85 N·m 63 lb ft •Final Pass 30 degrees Camshaft Timing Chain Tensioner 75 N·m 55 lb ft BEST SELLERS. 3L With Press-In Studs Rocker Stud 35 (47) Rocker Nut 18 (25) 4. Timing belt tensioner bolt 40 ftlbs. Fits 1990-2000 Ford 4. ARP 12mm Head Studs #230-4201 125 lb ft. 003 . Number of cylinders 2 Type 4-cycle, 45°V 2, air-cooled Torque - 86 ft-lbs (108. Small block chevy torque specifications for Main Caps, Connecting Rods, Heads, Cam Sprocket, Rocker Studs, Oil Pump, Timing Cover, Harmonic Damper, Valve Covers, Oil Pan, Exhaust Manifolds, Intake Manifold and Spark Plugs. -lbs. 0:0 Pistons/Rings -Racing rod/main bearings -KMOD K20a2 Oil Pump **8000 RPM Rev Limit **Tuning required for 220+WHP *Precision Torque Plate Honed Cylinders *Precision CNC Bored cylinders *Precision checked/set bearing clearances Crower builds performance racing parts from camshafts to crankshafts. Jun 17, 2014 · Fuel injection pump: Torque to 18 Nm. ) Balance shaft gear cover double ended fastener: 12 N-m (105 in. 3 - 10. Connecting rod bolts 40-45 ft. ) Connecting rod cap Sale Sold Out. Fig. 25 mm) Nov 30, 2011 · Im rebuilding my rb25 and was wondering what the torque specs were on the vct bolt holding it down to the cam For some reason this is not listed in the manual. & V6: 12-15: 5-6: 6-10: 70: 70: 8″ Front Rev. Connecting Rod 3/8"-24 30 ft. 11. The TW-6. Lower Alternator bolt - 33 ftlbs. Rotate an additional 90 degrees And DO NOT FORGET to The engine , however, was reduced from the 7. 0. NOTE: There are no timing marks on the oil pump gear or chain. Makes for laid back drifting. Jan 05, 2019 · Set the parking brake and the truck in 1st gear, Block the wheels. 3-10. I figured I'd go ahead and post it here to help out everyone who's always asking about cam specs. V-bank cover x Intake air surge tank. nothing was loose when i took mine apart, lol the drivers side was kind of a bitch, though. Upper Alternator bolt - 17 ftlbs. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the accuracy of this material before use. -lbs. 6 59. 4L-454ci-V8 Engine Torque Specs. Crower has worked hard to serve the performance parts needs of the racing industry for over 55 years. 130 ft lbs, the idler gear bolt is 48-61 ft  2 Jun 2008 oh. Inner Main Cap Bolt. Manual Transmission, Transaxle & Fitting are shipped directly from authorized Nissan dealers and backed by the manufacturer's warranty. Once the proper backlash is obtained, tighten the nuts and the bolt (4) to a torque of 55 ± 10 N·m (41 ± 7 lb ft). In. 4 A, C, & E Series, O-200, O-300, O-470 (AR), IO-240 & IOF-240. Contributed By: Unknown Submission. I Ensure thread and seat surfaces are clean and coated with engine oil. -lbs. 2 has a range of 2Nm to 14Nm (18–124 inch-pounds). 2 ftlbs. They should be tightened to 40~42 lbft. 7L (2TR-FE) engine Access our Toyota Tacoma 2002-06 Camshaft, Bearings & Lifters 2 Repair Guide Removal and Installation by creating an account or signing into your AutoZone Rewards account. 33-40 FT/LBS. As with all engines, the 5. 5L Engine : Transfer Case: 4. We've done the testing where we can measure the torque applied and the resulting pre-loads. Then tighten starting from center and work your way out, do it in 2-3 steps. 1895 in in Crankshaft Rod Journal Diameter 75. There should be 20 rollers between the indention on the gear, not the dowell pin. Repeat sequence, tightening all bolts an additional 1/4 turn. 548. CLUTCH SPECIFICATIONS (See Fig. Inverting a previously run chain on a previously run sprocket will result in excessive wear to both the chain and sprocket. 5L RB25, 6-cylinder Head Stud Kit. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr Ring Gear Bolt Torque (Foot lbs. Single Timing Cover to. - Nissan Forum Nissan … Mar 05, 2009 · ka24e flywheel bolts torque specs. ) Note: For those using Newton/meters as a torquing reference, you must multiply the appropriate ft. Torque camshaft cover bolts to 56-66 N·m (44-48 lb·ft) using torque sequence as shown in Figure "Bolt Torque Sequence". 70 Feb 27, 2017 · Fastener Specifications Fastener Tightening Specifications Application Specification Metric English Camshaft Position(CMP) Sensor Bolt 12Y 106lbin CMP Sensor Wire Harness Bolt 12Y 106lbin Camshaft Retainer Bolts – Hex Head Bolts 25Y 18lbft Camshaft Retainer Bolts – TORX® Head Bolts 15Y 11lbft Camshaft Sprocket Bolts 25Y 18lbft Feb 07, 2012 · Re: 97 legacy gt - ej25d - Cam gear bolt torque specs? im using threadlocker blue to keep em from backing out. This means I have to remove/reinstall the oil pump, water pump, cam gears, crank pulley, and timing belt pullies. 8 OPEL ASTRA ZAFIRA INSIGNIA MOKKA ROMEO 159 FIAT CROMAIn this video we will show you the variable timing ge K-SERIES CYLINDER HEAD TORQUE SPECS *OEM Cylinder head bolts: 39Nm (29ft/lbs), 90 deg + 90 deg (One extra 90 deg on new bolts) Apr 30, 2010 · This weekend I'm doing timing belts, water pump, resealing oil pump, cam seals, and crank seal. Cam gear torque specs? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. 6 59. 1,020. 1. M 6. The term “click type” can be misleading. Wondering what the proper spec for FT pounds is in the diagram? Is it the  9 Feb 2021 Cam … SPEC. Camshaft Gear (Camshaft Removed) (001-013) Camshaft Gear Temperature 149 °C 300 °F Connecting Rod Piston Pin Bushing Diameter 45. 563″ exhaust Requires tune, and performance engine build around this cam. *lbf. 4 camshaft cap, and the camshaft drive gear-to-camshaft retaining bolt being tightened to the specified torque. 1885 3. 555. -lbs. 85-95 lb. 4″ Rear Tacoma / T100: 14-17: 5-6: 6-10: 70: 70: 8. Torque the guide bolts to 14-16 ft-lbs. Oil Filter Base Cap Screws Spark Plugs . 5″ Front / Rear: 12-15: 5-6: 6-10: 70: 70: 8″ Front / Rear – 4 Cyl. on radiator . Use hand pressure, only, to rotate the valve camshaft gear counterclockwise until the backlash between the injector camshaft gear is taken up. When Park Tool offers two styles of “click” style torque wrenches. SoCal Diesel 14mm Head Stud Kit 190 lb ft. 92. performance camshafts TIGHTENING TORQUE The following charts are for reference only. NissanPartsDeal. Remove the cam gear backlash tool. Then tighten all bolts to 37ft/lbs. lbs ( if angle torquing in 2nd step, turn all bolts 80 to 85 degrees clockwise with an angle torque wrench. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model From then on out you’ll make your own mark on the exhaust cam gear for the next timing checks, here’s why: the gear and the hub with the VVT mechanism mount onto the cam with a center bolt, and can spin forever until you torque that center bolt real tight (80NM) but the point is- there is no reference (like a key or flat) between the cam Camshaft Gear Wheel Bolt : M 10 65-7(48-52) Bracket to camshaft bearing M 6 8(6) Connection piece to driver M 5 5(4) Rear Cam Cover w/Hoisting Bracket M 6 8(6) Distributor finger to connection piece M 4 4(3) Gear Wheel to Balance Shaft M 10 45(33) Tensioning Roller to Bearing Housing M 10 45(33) Roller to Bearing Bearing Housing Right M 10 Hello, Here is the camshaft hold down bolt torque specs and a video on how to use a torque wrench correctly 8. 5 Cylinder head nut 8mm – 18 – m 8 Cylinder head nut 10mm – 23 – m 10 Rockershaft nut – 18 Recommended Torque to Achieve Optimum Clamping Force Using ARP Lubricants - Torque (ft. (N. In addition to the fact that, depending on road conditions, the system can automatically shift the torque between the axles, electronics can help to keep the engine on the braking trajectory during a cornering or Bolt Torque Spec Chart for Ford 351W Fastener Type Torque Specs Main cap bolts 95-105 ft. VW beetle, bus, ghia, t3, thing torque specifications. 10. Nov 26, 2009 · After inspecting the cam chain tensioners, I was getting to the point of putting the cam case cover back on. I have a 7 quart oil pan and didn't find out until I installed the strut rods last after my engine swap. Torque Spec. 34 really isn't that much. 75 in. 4 May 2009 Hey I am putting a timing chain kit in my 94 4WD nissan truck (KA24E engine) I cannot find the torque specs for the cam gear bolt or the crank  25 Nov 2017 The center bolt for the crank is 105-112 lbs, The guide bolts are 9-14, ft lbs, cam gear center bolts, 123. (2. 9 hours ago · Ej25 Sohc Cam Gear Torque Specs. Lbs. Moly and other lubes offer reduced friction and increased bolt tension, which will affect the torque figure. 89-90. Final torque is in 2 steps: 1st- 22ft. -lbs. Camshaft bearing cap 1st Step: Torque to 7 Nm 2nd Step: Torque to 16 Nm. 40-45 lb. Put cam sprocket at TDC(knock pin at 12 o'clock position). The TW-5. Lucky for me, the machine shop is re threading the hole for me. Centre screw for the timing belt: Torque to 25 Nm. Two aluminum heads, twin cam engine with 4 valves on the cylinder. Followers 0. ROCKER  Engine & Drivetrain - Reading torque specs - Hello about to torque my cam gears on. help. Does anyone know the torque specs for these items? Cam Gear Bolts. Screw plug to camshaft housing . Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. This was shown in the torque value table and in the instructions for the installation of the cover. 3L 12 (16) 5. BlackedOut · Registered. B. Cam gear bolt torque specs. 7L (2) Thermostat Housing Bolt 21 (28) Valve Lifter Retainer Bolt 4. 43/15 104 238 273. -lbs. ) Passenger: 11-13: 5-6: 6-9: 55: 60: 7. If necessary you can use the punch to rotate the cam a little. -K24a2 Engine (complete head & block) TSX Cams -Honda ValveSprings -Honda Retainers -RBC Intake Manifold -K-Tuned TB Adapter -K-tuned fuel rail -OEM RDX fuel injectors -Honda head gasket -Honda 87. 7/16 in. Joined Mar 21, 2012 · 176 Posts . ) Balance shaft chain tensioner bolts: 12 N-m (105 in. ) Balance shaft sprocket bolt: 28 N-m (250 in. this is for the KA24E. 9 62. Format: Cam name / part number Description Specs Comments from manufacturer / retailer / forum Installation notes (if any) Link to information verifying specs or link to store to order cam-----KA24E cams Price current as of 10/31/2004 89-90 240sx Apr 12, 2018 · Gen. 202-4307: Nissan 2. 7046 - 1. If the chain is on right it should only take a little tug to line up the bolt holes. 2 On the cylinder head with the painted links of the chain aligned with the timing mark on the camshaft timing gear. This camshaft is intended for full engine build and will require tune. Side engine mounts 38 ftlbs. 165 High-lift Great cam for 95 inches with 10:1 CR. Getting to this bolt requires removal of the distributor drive gear and the fuel pump cam (on carburated engines only). torque at low and mid RPM (2500-5500). 2 Cylinder Torque Specs; 3, 4, & 6 Cylinder Torque I'm replacing the timing belt on a 97 3. Jan 25, 2005 #1. Tighten the intake cam gear bolt to 83ft lbs and the exhaust cam gear bolt to 51ft lbs. Rotate an additional 90 degrees Loosen the capscrew 360 degrees and tighten again using the torque-plus-angle method. Install three bolts inside camshaft gear cover, hand tighten to prevent seal damage. 423 4th-----1. Specifications: 288deg . First, let's be clear: ARP provides torque specs for our fasteners based on using ARP Ultra-Torque. 0L & 5. 7-59. 100. Apr 11, 2018 · These specs are for stock-type bolts with light engine oil applied to the threads and the underside of the bolt head. Series 60 Detroit Diesel Engines Catalog Page 53, Camshaft & Gear Train - Groups: 1. Nissan Mechanic: KALAMYKID, Shop Owner/ Tech replied 3 years ago. 97; Mutha Thumpr™, 291T HR-7: Camshaft Kit $1,122. 25mm 11. Both wrenches use 3/8″ square drive to accept standard 3/8″ bits. However we do need some more power and I've had several ideas. 3405 0. 3415 Face Angle 46 Degrees Aug 12, 2011 · TORQUE DESCRIPTION N·m Ft. Camshaft pulley: Torque to 72 Nm Camshaft position sensor: Torque to 6 Nm. Note: Be sure to lightly oil the bolt threads for proper torquing specs for bolts not in the water jackets, otherwise use liquid thread sealer for the bolts that are in the water jackets (bottom ones). 9 kg·m, 136 N·m) at 4800 rpm; Redline: 6500 rpm (USA) Rev limited to: 7200 rpm; Valvetrain: SOHC (4 valves per cylinder) Cam Gear: 38 tooth; Fuel Control: OBD-0 MPFI; Head Code: PM3; ECU Code: PM6; D16A7 (Basically a D16A6 without the catalytic converter) Found in: 1988–1991 Civic 1. 34. 78 in) Max power: 134 hp (100 kW) at 5600 rpm (Navara/Hardbody (D21) 134 hp (100 kW) at 5200 rpm) Max torque: 206 N⋅m (152 lb⋅ft) at 4400 rpm (Navara/Hardbody (D21) 209 N⋅m (154 lb⋅ft) at 3600 rpm) Valve Configuration: SOHC, 12 valves Compression Torque: 152 lb-ft to 160 lb-ft; Deck: Open Deck; Configuration: Inline Four Cylinder; Cars That Came With the KA24DE. factor by 1. -lbs. 4 Installation of the Air Compressor 12 08-10 All information Series 60 Detroit Diesel Engines Catalog Page 51, Camshaft & Gear Train - Group: 1. Let me look up the specs for you. 50 in × 3. Input shaft bearing retainer to case bolt : 19-25. drive overhead camshaft 67 BHP/8,OOO rpm 2. the lower manifold is bolting into the heads, so is a little more tolerant of torque stress the Upper manifold is going into the lower manifold and has VERY little tolerance for torque stress. Engine Torque Specs Suspension Torque Specs Drivetrain Torque Specs; Cooling System: Steering and Suspension: Manual Transmission: Fuel System : Automatic Transmission: 2. (95. 0L VG30DE/DETT V6 Head Stud Kit. 0 - 28. Ignition coil assembly x Cylinder head cover sub-assembly. i. 000 5th-----0. tighten in 2 steps: 1st - 22ft. 7/16 in. /lbs. lock indicator switch-31 Description. 007 Gear Lash 0. A dual-plane intake manifold offers great low- to mid-range torque while also allowing an engine to breathe at high rpm. 7 lb ft. Jan 04, 2015 · Chain tensioner: Torque to 10 Nm. 100. 7. Check the backlash between the camshaft gear and the adjustable idler gear. Note: New bolts should be used. I would try new bolts if you think they will break. 0 and I need torque bolt specs for: *the cam gears *timing belt tensioner & ider pulley *water pump bolts *crankshaft bolt. Timing cover M6: Torque to 10 Nm M8: Torque to 48 Nm. /lbs. Also, completely clean any the lower manifold (Intake Manifold pg EM146) is 65 in/lb (5 1/2 ft/lb) then 22 ft/lb. 0035 Cap-to-Stem End Clearance 0. but i found out the hard way, THIS IS NOT TRUE! the FSM says the same thing. Use a scraper to remove all traces of old liquid gasket from mating surfaces and grooves. WARNING: Torque Specs. Intake bolt. on engine . 652 2nd-----1. 2 wheel drive will be fine. Top: Used on '71 up 455 and 350. 6L engine torque specs guide will help you get your 1996-2004 Mustang rebuilt with the right specifications to ensure your motor is put together properly. This is a process that synchronizes the camshaft with the crankshaft. 7/16 in. 50 ± 5 Nm (37 ± 4 ft-lb) Mar 17, 2009 · Camshaft Sprocket Bolt 75 Cam Cover Bolt 89 in/lb Camshaft Bearing Cap Bolt 124 in/lb Connecting Rod Cap Nut 33 Cradle to Body Bolts 151 Crankshaft Pulley/Balancer Bolt 159 Cylinder Head Bolt DOHC Tighten all bolts in sequence to 22ft/lbs. SOURCE: need torque specs and sequence for nissan ka24e. 4 Cylinder Head Bolts 83 - 90 2004 SPECIFICATIONS Sierra, Silverado, Cab & Chassis TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS Application Ft. Tailhousing to case bolt : 42-50: Lid to case bolt : 14-19: Outer gear shift levers to cam nut : 18-23: Shift fork to shift rail screw : 10-18: Filler plug to case : 10-20: Drain plug to case : 20-30 Cam Gear Tuning. Tighten to 17 INCH LBS first in sequence. 9 - 65. 102. Intake Manifold VVT VARIABLE CAMSHAFT GEAR TORQUE SPECS ECOTEC 1. -lbs. ) - Clamp Load (lbs. To shift or move the powerband up higher along the rpm range (for 1/4 mile et. 2 Connecting Rod Cap Bolt 36. CAMSHAFT COVER SPECS 13, 9, 5, 1, 3, 7, 11 (side of cam cover closest to intake) 14, 10, 6, 2, 4, 8, 12 (side of cam cover closest to exhaust) Jul 07, 2004 · Find the flaw in the following combination: a '67 Impala running a 327 small-block with stock heads, 8. I The torque value for these parts are for a preliminary step. 10-12, 28-33 FT/LBS. Also put a zip tie or 2 on the gears to hold the chain. M 8 . Sep 23 2016, 12:38am. 78 in) piston stroke give the motor a total of 2,389 cc Just barely hand tight using the small 1/4" socket wrench or about 5-8lb-ft . im trying to  The Nissan KA24E engine has SOHC (single overhead camshaft) design with 12 valves (3 main bearing beam bolts tightening procedure and torque specs:. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------. If the valve springs are still installed, the camshaft may have rotated due to spring load, and depending on how loose the cam sprocket bolts are, may have moved the cam gears to full advance or retard. 25 ft. 014 0. 7. lbs. Beaverton, Oregon. 7206 Jul 17, 2015 · Dd15 engine torque spec 1. 016 Stem Diameter 0. 0015 0. In most cases, the posted specs corresponded to Willys specs, but in some cases they differ significantly. ARP 12mm 625 Material Head Studs #230-4202 150 lb ft. Case Extension to Case Bolt 31-35 lb ft. Discussion Starter • #1 Camshaft Thrust Plate: Engine Oil: 15 ft-lbs. Need to torque Torque is your buddy on the street, not horsepower. lbs. 25-28 Nut, Engine Mount Leg Camshaft specifications: intake duration - 230 degrees; exhaust duration - 224 degrees. Note: Correct camshaft drive gear lash adjustment depends on the bolt and stud for No. 1 Front Crankshaft Pully 354 - 369 Oil Pump Gear 21. 5) Reverse-----3. There should be 20 rollers between the indention on the gear, not the dowell pin. Water Pump Bolts Apr 20, 2017 · Drive pinion nut Maximum torque-Differential carrier x Axle housing----w/o Diff. Nov 25, 2017 · The truck I'm working on is actually a SOHC. To do this, loosen the 19-MM hex-head bolt that threads into the camshaft. Common Torque Specs This is a quick list of the more commonly needed torque specs when doing typical upgrades or service. '70 and up rocker assemblies can be used on 400, 430 and pre '70 350 heads as long as the engine is using the 455 and '70 or later oiling procedure. Remove the zip ties from the chain and pull the chain block from the chain cover. Install the gear onto the new camshaft putting some oil onto the threads of the bolts. Sep 21, 2016 · Degreeing the Camshaft. o Only use the OEM bolts and washers to fasten the gears to the cams. 7/16 in. I'm loving the torque and response from this unit, as well as the broad powerband. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. 5 in) cylinder bore and 96 mm (3. Camshaft Bearing Front Bearing Center Bearing. 54,61 FT/LBS. 4 Full PDFs related to this paper. D. Lbs. The user assumes all responsibility for the use of this material. ARP SR20DET Camshaft Cap Bolt Upgrade Kit. FS5w71C specs include the active interaction of the transmission with the integrated chassis control system Nissan Chassis Control. 2,409 4. 013 mm mm MIN MAX 3. Parts like . ) Nov 03, 2010 · Tighten the bolts in a numeric sequence 1, 4, 2, 5, 3, 6, 1, 4 to a torque of 240 ± 40 N·m (175 ± 30 lb ft). The maximum horsepower from this engine was 155 hp at 5600 RPM with a peak torque of 160 lb-ft at 4400 RPM. lbs. M 18 x 1. lbs. Engine Torque Specifications for Subaru Impreza: Subaru Tie Rod To Steering Gear 58 Ft-Lbs 696 In-Lbs 78. Install rubber o-ring with light RTV silcone: 10 ft-lbs. 5. 24 Jan 2012 Cam Sprocket Bolts: 123-130 really thinking only to do 90 ( FOOT LBS ) Idler Sprocket Bolt: 40-60 FOOT LBS Others: Crank Pulley 150  3 Mar 2007 rebuilding my KA24E right now and I need all the bolt torque specs? 55 and 61, and the cam brackets go between 11 and 18 all in ft lbs. Checking the torque specs in the service manual, it was listed as 125 - 155 in/lbs. Baltimore, Maryland. Tighten 80-104 INCH LBS Cam Sprocket Bolts: 123-130 FOOT LBS Idler Sprocket: 48-61 FOOT LBS Crank Pulley: 105-112 FOOT LBS Timing chain tensioners TOP & BOTTOM: 56-66 INCH LBS Lower timing chain guides: 9-14 INCH LBS May 18, 2016 · The operating range for this cam is 1,500-6,500 rpm, and it would be considered a mild cam or ‘a couple of steps over stock. 5 quarts with filter change. (3. Chain guides, 9-14 ft lbs. Camshaft Non - Oiled Sprocket Bolt 122 90-Bearing Cap Bolts 11-100 Counterbalance Shaft Retaining Bolt 28-250 Timing Chain Cover Bolts 58 43-Connecting Rod Cap Bolts 27 20-PLUS 90° TURN Bed Plate Bolts Refer to Procedure Crankshaft Damper Bolt 175 130-Cylinder Head Bolts M11 Bolts Refer To Procedure M8 Torque; Balance shaft carrier to block bolts: 54 N-m (40 ft. 163 max. JessesTalon Proven Member. 74; Engine Break-In Oil Additive (1 Bottle) $10. 420 . lbs. Tensioner bolts, 5-6 ft lbs. Check that your original chain marks still Sep 22, 2011 · KA24E cam specs KA24E cam specs. Loosen the cam sprocket bolt but DON'T remove it yet. Always use a 1” wrench on the cam hex to back up your torque wrench (never use the chain for resistance)! Torque the cam sprocket bolts to 101 to 116 ft-lb. NISMO Race Spec Camshaft fits all single cam KA24E (S13). (as you can see with ARP rod bolts the torque specs are 45 ft/lbs. Oil Pump Bolts. Get superior performance with Nissan aftermarket parts from Enjuku Racing. Mar 21, 2012 · 25ft/lbs. It states 6. 424 . Case Extension to Case Bolt (4WD Shipping) 8. Specs . 5:1 compression, a 305-degree-duration cam, a two-barrel carb, stock exhaust manifolds, a TORQUE SPECS Main Head Bolts - 15 lbf-ft then 44 lbf-ft (Criss-cross sequence) Small Head Bolts - 89 in-lbs Cam Sprocket Bolt - 22 ft-lbs (Loctite) Cam Retainer Bolt -89 in-lbs Cam Tensioner Bolts - 53 in-lbs (Loctite) Crank Sensor Bolt - 89 in-lbs Valve Cover Bolts - 62 in-lbs This is for the 800s. A short summary of this paper. spec from the '65 manual is found only in the torque table at the end of the book. com offers the lowest prices for genuine 1995 Nissan Hardbody Pickup (D21U) parts. Feb 15, 2004 · Fastener Type Torque Spec. ka24e cam gear torque specs